How to Choose a Flatbed Trucking Company

Things to Consider When Hiring a Flatbed Carrier

Do I really need a flatbed, first of all? Well, a flatbed is your best option if your load is big, overweight, or oddly shaped. Most items belong on a flatbed if they wouldn’t fit in a typical 53-foot trailer. Having said that, there are numerous factors to take into account as a shipper when hiring a flatbed trucking company. Before your first shipment, you can prepare yourself for success by being aware of the following.

What Is My Commodity?

In most cases, flatbeds simply can’t transport products that don’t fit within an enclosed trailer. For cargoes that cannot be palletized, must be sideloaded, are enormous, too heavy, or have an odd configuration, flatbeds are the best option (machinery, for example). Industrial steel, lumber, heavy machinery, pre-fabricated goods, and solar panels are examples of common flatbed freight. Be very explicit about the service you need and the cargo you are transporting when hiring a flatbed carrier. Don’t assume your carrier is aware of the need for special packaging or care for the items; instead, let them know so they can give your freight the attention it deserves.

What Type of Trailers Do I Require? Does My Flatbed Carrier Have a Diversified Fleet of Trailers?

There are numerous configurations for flatbeds. The most typical length is 53 feet, with lengths often falling between 48 and 85 feet. There are “low-boys,” “double drop,” “single drop,” and “heavy hauler” step decks. The majority of carriers will be pleased to discuss all of their equipment alternatives with you and help you decide which style best meets your needs. You shouldn’t collaborate with them if they won’t talk to you, which is a solid indication.

What Does My Flatbed Carrier Have for Cargo Insurance Coverage?

Before beginning any freight transportation, find out if your carrier has cargo insurance. This applies to ALL transporters, not just flatbed transporters. The nature of flatbed freight, however, can necessitate greater than usual insurance requirements. Verify that the preferred carrier for your freight has sufficient insurance coverage. Any carrier should be able to easily supply this information.

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